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Project Description

We offer you a 30 minutes trial lesson for free to introduce our teacher and to experience our teaching style. We teach Spanish as a Second Language, one to one lessons on Skype. We offer an educational program that allows students to develop their Spanish skills in a flexible and adaptable environment.

Right now, has students from US, UK, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Germany, Denmark, Cayman Island, Malasya and Ireland.

You can have lessons at your lunch time, or wearing your pajamas pants, you don’t have to move anywhere. It doesn’t matter if it’s snowing or too hot outside, you can have your lesson when you are traveling or even at the airport. It’s ecological because you don’t need to take the car or to print anything. We save time, energy and money in a perfect atmosphere for learning .

In one-to-one lessons or small groups people learn faster than in a regular course, because they get constant supervision from the instructor. Also, we can slow down the path or speed up, according to the needs of the student. We work late hours and weekends to cover your demands. We create our own materials and we provide it for free to our students.

Our lessons are unique because we make an effort to understand the different needs of our students and make them feel comfortable along the learning process. adapts the lessons depending on if they are expats, they need Spanish for business or if they are just learning for fun. uses the Communicative Language Teaching, the same one that it’s used in the Instituto Cervantes, the most prestigious place for teaching Spanish. The Communicative Language Teaching (CTL) is focus in communicating through interaction in the target language, using authentic materials not adapted and using activities to develop the confidence of the learners, like role-plays. At our lessons we teach grammar and vocabulary and we teach the students how to use it in real life.

We offer a program for Expats. The needs of an Expat are really different than the needs of somebody who is learning a language for pleasure. An Expat needs to learn the Slang and the culture of the country where he or she is going to live. Maria Arlandis has published a book about Spanish Slang to help Expats students willing to live in Spain. is really familiar with these needs, because we are foreign in the Danish culture, so we can offer a new perspective. We know the most important things than an Expat should learn because we are expats ourselves. In our blog we write many articles about expats concerns, like cultural misunderstandings or important words expats should be able to recognize and use.